Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road

We use the very latest Dyno Dynamics 2WD Digital Rolling Road housed in a bespoke dyno-cell which offers excellent extraction, airflow and cooling. We happy to map an array of engine management systems, as well as having our own in-house carb guru – Webers, Dellortos or even Bike Carbs are no problem for us.

We have had the likes of BBC’s Top Gear team on the rolling road, through to the Nissan ZEOD Le Man Car, so you can be sure you are in safe, and well respected hands….

Power Runs are just £45+VAT and mapping starts at £80+VAT/ph.

We also offer remapping/chip-tuning here in Wiltshire which starts from as little as £250inc VAT.  DPF Removal can also be catered for, and because we have a rolling road, we can give genuine results, and cater the map to suit other modifications – something which your mobile re-mapper, or simple ‘flash mapping’ cannot offer…

Using the very latest Dyno-Dynamics 2WD Rolling Road housed in its own temperature controlled Dyno Cell, at M-Tech in Wiltshire, we are able to offer a multitude of rolling road tuning services. From simple power runs and rolling load diagnostics, through to full carburettor tuning, and rolling road mapping of an array of aftermarket engine management systems, with power capabilities of up to 1,200bhp!

We have a proficient team of engineers and tuners on site, with skills ranging from Bike Carburettor Tuning, Webber, Dellorto & SU carburettor tuning, though to mapping of most after-market engine management systems, such as our own range of sophisticated controllers, and comprehensive systems like MoTeC, GEMs & Autronic though to less complex systems like Megajolt, Omex, and Megasquirt.

We also welcome the use of our rolling road dyno cell for hire by independent tuners at very competitive rates.

We also have the facility to transport our rolling road anywhere in the UK for testing and development. Our clients range from various car shows throughout the show season to rolling road testing on-site with top level Le-Mans & BTCC teams such as RML (Ray Mallock Group).

Please contact us for further details as to how we can assist you or your team with your tuning requirements, or check out the projects section of our website to see pictures of our rolling road in action…

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